Meeting the Growing Demand for Private Equity IT Support

We’re experiencing a growing demand for private equity IT support and MSP solutions. With expertise in both infrastructure development and a keen awareness about the rise in cybercrime, we offer a cybersecurity platform and tech support that benefits private equity firms.

An Infrastructure Platform That’s Reliable and Agile

Protect your firm – and your clients.

Edge fully understands the needs of private equity firms. When your investments are on the line, you need an infrastructure platform that’s not only reliable, but agile enough to support your evolving requirements.

At the same time, you need improved efficiencies, quick response time and cybersecurity services that are aligned with industry demands. We can help.

Mitigate Critical Risks for a More Competitive Edge

Private equity firms are increasingly relying on technology to mitigate investment, operational, legal and regulatory and compliance risk. The right kind of security intelligence is a key part of the solution. At Edge, we’re a team of highly experienced IT and MSP experts who are fully qualified to provide your private equity firm:

Protection from Cybercrime

Gain an entirely secure investing environment that is protected from the latest cybercrime threats with our exclusive cybersecurity platform.

Secure Mobile Computing

Heavy dependence on mobile devices in field locations means your executives require the highest levels of security to stay safe and productive.

Security Assessments for Your Firm & Portfolio

Cybersecurity protection not only for your firm, but also security assessments and a cybersecurity framework for your portfolio investments.

Power to Make
Informed Decisions

The security intelligence you need to maintain a more competitive edge or make more informed investment decisions for your investors.

Due Diligence Assistance

Get expert assistance with financial regulatory due diligence requirements.