Hedge Fund IT Solutions from a Unique Perspective

We offer our clients hedge fund IT and MSP solutions from a truly unique perspective. At Edge, we’re 100% founder-owned, and our global management team has a wealth of CTO-level hedge fund IT expertise.

Rest Assured . . . We Have Your IT Covered

Without risk and volatility, a hedge fund simply won’t gain high returns. At the same time, your investors need reassurance that their capital is secure.

Meeting high-return investor expectations and stringent financial regulatory demands, protecting against cyberattacks, and requiring around-the-clock global support can be a tall order. Rest assured. We have you covered.

And for COOs with CTO responsibilities, we’ll help you effectively manage your technology role. As experienced CTO professionals, we fully understand what it takes to manage risk and volatility, investor needs and regulatory requirements. And that understanding serves as the foundation for all our hedge fund IT solutions.

We’re Part of Your Hedge Fund

Along with our unique advisory perspective—and because we treat ourselves just like we’re part of your hedge fund—Edge offers your firm several distinct advantages:

Domain Expertise

All Edge partner team members have served at the CTO-level, from startups to multi-billion-dollar hedge funds.

Understanding Fund Requirements

We have direct experience understanding varying degrees of requirements at different points of hedge fund inception, growth and redemption.

How Decisions Work

We fully understand that hedge fund decisions are almost always made based on the requirements of our client’s investment community or financial regulators.

Long-Term Experience

Our IT engineering team members are seasoned industry experts and have an average of 15 years of industry experience.