Cybersecurity Consulting for Peace of Mind

Cybercrime. It’s an unfortunate consequence of our digitally-connected world. Any vulnerability—or an actual attack itself—presents a significant reputational risk.

When it comes to cybersecurity, once confidence is lost, investors will simply take their capital elsewhere. Rest easy. Our cybersecurity consulting and suite of solutions will provide you the peace of mind you need.

Proactive Prevention Boosts
Investor Confidence

Banks and credit card companies work hard every day to protect their customers from data breaches and scammers. Likewise, hedge funds, private equity firms, family offices, asset managers and other investment firms need a fail-safe approach to mitigating cybersecurity risk. Protecting your multi-million and even multi-billion dollar accounts is paramount.

Edge Technology Group’s cybersecurity solutions secure both data and assets. Employing both proactive and preventative measures, our cybersecurity consulting and solutions reach well beyond typical reactionary support.

Early detection means we're able to stay ahead of growing and ever-evolving cyber threats—and protect your business.

Why Edge

Build Early Investor Confidence

We’ve launched hundreds of hedge funds and thoroughly understand investor and regulatory requirements. Depend on our experience and insights on the due diligence process to help you prepare to properly answer investor questions which will in turn help build investor confidence.

Gain a Thorough Security Vulnerabilities Assessment

You’ll gain a thorough assessment of your firm’s security vulnerabilities and risk level, solutions to mitigate your identified risks as well as guidance on cyclical regulatory requirements including penetration tests and security awareness training.

Go into Audits Fully Prepared

Should you become subject to a regulatory audit, we’ll help you fully prepare for your auditor’s questions. Although regulatory security preparedness is an up-front investment, it will ultimately help you raise more investor funds.

Ensure Ongoing Financial Regulator Compliance

Managed in-house, our security solutions and recommendations will help you align global financial regulators with your ongoing operational due diligence agenda based on the size of your firm, your risk profile and level of investor scrutiny.

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