Is It Time to Take a Hard Look at Your Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity breaches and data privacy/transparency issues are on the rise. Notably, adapting to COVID-19 forced many companies to bypass certain cybersecurity controls,1 which contributed to a 141% jump in breached records globally in 2020 compared to 2019.2

The SEC thus identified this as one of its 2021 priorities and has proposed rule amendments to improve cybersecurity risk governance disclosures.3

Edge Technology Group’s cybersecurity solutions can help secure both your data and your assets. Employing both proactive and preventative measures, our cybersecurity consulting and solutions reach well beyond typical reactionary support. Early detection means we’re able to stay ahead of growing and ever-evolving cyber threats—and protect your business. Cybersecurity is a sound investment in your firm’s future.

Taking a good hard look at your current cybersecurity posture now can help secure a solid future in many ways, including:

  • Building investor confidence
  • Gaining a thorough security vulnerabilities assessment
  • Going into Investor audits fully prepared
  • Ensuring ongoing financial regulator compliance

Early detection means you’re able to stay ahead of growing and ever-evolving cyber threats—and protect your business. To learn how our team can build customized cybersecurity solutions for your firm, contact us today.

1. Source: EY, October 2021, “How cybersecurity risk disclosures and oversight are evolving in 2021”
2. Source: Risk Based Security report, January 2021. Based on roughly 3,900 publicly reported breaches globally in 2020.
3. Source: The National Law Review, September 2021