MSP & IT Services for Alternative Investments: Why We’re Unique

We’re often asked why our clients sought us out. Why did they leave their previous MSP & IT services provider and choose us? Our answer is simple: service and performance.

We’re an MSP who is fully immersed in the world of alternative investments and the latest advancements in IT technology. And because the service and performance we provide are built on commitment and trust, you'll clearly benefit as a result.

6 Reasons You Should Rely On Edge

We Understand Your World, Your Risks

At Edge, we're 100% founder-owned and we have the deep expertise with IT for financial services and alternative investments that our clients rely on each and every day.

Unmatched White Glove Service

We're firmly committed to exceeding our clients' expectations on every level. Our unmatched white glove approach to customer service is what sets us apart from the rest of the industry.

We Know How to Manage IT Teams

As experienced CTOs, we understand what it takes to manage teams of IT engineers. Our professionals are exposed to hundreds of different financial services IT environments which deepens their experience well beyond their peers.

A Passion for Excellence

We hire only the highest caliber IT talent with deep domain knowledge, expertise and a passion for excellence. Just as you have high standards and a strong work ethic, we do as well because we know the stakes are high.

We Invest Heavily in Our Staff

Edge is our people. We simply hire and retain the best. We accomplish that through investment in our team, providing skill-building opportunities and by fostering a culture of excellence. Our long-tenured, deep domain support experts can provide you with a rapid response to your most pressing needs.

Global Support

No other IT service provider in the industry offers the same level of in-house global support – 24x7x365 – that Edge provides. No matter where you are in the world, Edge has you covered.

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